Day 3 Rosemary's Pink Baby

Kind Hearts, I do hope you are keeping up and amusing yourselves with the 2016 interactive (click here) 
 Champagne Cocktail Advent Calendar

Day 3 brings us to 
Rosemary's Pink Baby
A shocking concoction of pink grapefruit and

2016 Champagne Cocktail Advent Calendar

While I have been totally neglectful here, I have not forgotten that it is Holiday time and that means one thing........
The Sixth Annual Champagne Cocktail Advent Calendar. 

Each day you can return to open a new window and find a new recipe for a Champagne Cocktail!
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Cinco de Mayo - Hibiscus Orange Margarita

Hoy es el cinco de Mayo y quiero dar las gracias a nuestros amigos en Mexico! Salud!

Ese cocktail contiene
3 onzas de zumo de naranja
2 onzas de Tequila Espolon (infused) con Flor de Jamaica
1 onza de triple sec (Gran Gala)
Y medoa onza de zumo de lima. 

The You Made Me Love You Fizz with Martin Miller's Gin

I have no shame in admitting that I adore everything about Martin Miller and his gin.
I have written mash notes to him ( well, his company).
And though I have been at times fickle, I really do love him and his gin more than any other. 
And so it came to pass when making this concoction today,
 the song "You made me love you", popped into my head and gave this libation its name. 
Here's to you Martin (I hope you do not mind me calling you by your given name) wherever you are.

 2 oz. of Martin Miller's Gin
1 ounce of fresh pink grapefruit juice
1 tsp. Of powdered sugar
Shaken together over ice, poured into a lovely cut crystal , stemmed glass,
 and topped up with Perrier grapefruit sparkling water.

What shall we drink? Vintage Cocktail Books

If you are anything like me, ( and I suspect you are) much enjoyment is derived from scouring book stores and antique shops for vintage Cocktail recipe books. Well my darlings, your search is over. Pull up your favorite bar stool, pour yourself a drink, and get ready for hours of fun and knowledge. There is a site that has hundreds, yes hundreds, of vintage Cocktail books in their entirety, for your perusal. As your way of thanking me, you may buy me a drink, next time we meet! 

SoFla Sojourn Winter Respite

I must admit, I have been neglectful of posting here at Nata's Cocktails. Words never have come easy for me while pictures and photographs are facil. Do come and join me on @FaceBook, @Instagram, @Twitter, or @Pinterest. I am there much, much more.  In the meantime to catch you up, Here are a couple of things I have been drinking. Oh did I mention. Have escaped the bitter cold of New York for southern climes for a few weeks? I am lucky that way..... Have shaker, will travel!
Some nights are spent at home, mixing for myself and friends. Here I was the fortunate recipient of several passionfruits right off the tree. So when in Rome or wherever......a Passionfruit Margarita.
In Miami, there is a fabulous crossroads of Art, Architecture, Music, Food, and Drink called The Perez Museum (#PAMM). One can stroll through the galleries looking at innovative art and follow up with a delicious meal.  Here is a sample of one of their cocktails made with Cachaça, grapefruit, and rosemary. 

The Mae Rose Cocktail. Pamplemousse rosé

A delicious mix of 1.5 - 2 ounces of Gin (I used Bombay Sapphire), 1ounce of dry Vermouth (white), .5 oz of Campari, .5 of Giffard Pamplemousse Rosé grapefruit liqueur, shaken with a ton of ice until you cannot hold the shaker. And poured into a lovely coupe that has been well chilled. I could not even take a moment to garnish it, it was too inviting!

Relief is just a swallow away!

It's that time of year when all the festin' has caught up with you. The short days, the colder temps, the copious amount of enjoyable libations that have passed through your liver are dragging you down. Here in NYC we have ( and in some cases) still are shoveling our way out of record breaking piles of snow. I do know that some are able to get away from this chill, and others even never experience it in their regions. None the less I don't think it can hurt to mix up a batch of organ soothing New You Punch. Now I am not claiming to expunge the results of all your bad habits but it certainly can't hurt to take a day off from the revelries to recharge your innards. Many of you are familiar with the bastion of Indian markets in NYC called Kalustyan's, located on Lexington Ave. in Little India. 
 They have a delicious house blend tea made with chamomile, roses, sage, and lemon verbena. I have used this as a base for an elixir that I make by the pitcher to sip throughout the day. To it I add several slices of fresh ginger as well as a teaspoon of tumeric ( if you can find the fresh root use it, otherwise powdered is fine). I steep all the ingredients together, let cool, strain, and pour into a pitcher. My go to sip for the bracing winter days or a cooling refresher for basking under the sun. 
In any climate zone, your liver and innards need a break. Give them one.
And now back to your regularly scheduled indulging. 


A friend had requested of me yesterday, a Bowie Cocktail. This is all I could come up with .
2 parts imagination
1 part Eternity
Sprinkled with a bit of stardust
Swirled and twirled and thrown into the Universe. 
Imbibe daily as if your life depended on it.

Beating Winter Doldrums aka January LIMONCELLO

The lights, the thrill of the Holidays, the sparkle, the festivities...
They are all behind us now. Time to set your sights on the year ahead. Why not do a little investing in your future while passing through the short winter days. 
Limoncello, that sunshine in a bottle. The ray of light in the darkness. Now is the perfect time to be making it. No need to limit yourself to lemons either. There's a plethora of citrus around. Tangerines, Meyer lemons, satsumas, bergamot, Buddha's Hand, yuzu. Why not capture their fragrant essences in a bottle to be uncorked and consumed in the warmth of the summer sun.
I am in the process of making Meyer Limoncello. The peels of about 10 lemons PITH REMOVED as much as possible and soaking in a bath of high proof alcohol ( 750 ml of Everclear). I have it stired in a dark and cool spot but given a shake and turn a couple of times a week. I will keep you updated on the progress and the ne t step involved, but that won't be for weeks. Till then, get busy on your own! 

The Official Cocktail of the 2016 Golden Globes Award Ceremony the Ruby Red

MOËT RUBY RED — The official cocktail of the Golden Globes by Karen Grill

Moet Ruby Red


  • 3/4oz lemon juice
  • 3/4oz Tarragon, Raspberry, Citrus Shrub
  • 1oz Vodka
  • 2.5oz Moët & Chandon Imperial


  • Pour the shrub, lemon juice and vodka over ice in a white wine glass.
  • Top with champagne and garnish with fresh tarragon and a lemon twist.

For the Shrub:

  • 2 cups raspberry purée
  • 2 cups apple cider vinegar
  • 4 cups cane sugar
  • 1 lemon peel
  • 4 sprigs of tarragon
  • Bring ingredients to a simmer on a stovetop, then remove from heat and let cool.

The Post Mortem

I am sure you have been besieged with a thousand and one Cocktail and Champagne Recipes to ring in the New Year.
I will leave it to everyone else to figure out your chosen poison for the evening.
What I will offer up is the pick me ups for facing the first day of 2016.
  1. DO NOTHING! Accept your fate and lie in bed all day. Let your poor organs come back to reality at their own pace. Time is an amazing cure all.
  2. Parched though you might be and your mouth tastes like you have been licking Romanian stamps all night, no icy cold drinks. Sip slowly a room temp or warm glass of water or green tea. 
  3. Upon rising, a little mild exercising, or if that is seems impossible, stand by an open window and breathe deeply several times. An oxygen tent is a sure cure for the Hangover but so few homes are equipped these days!
  4. When you feel you need to take something... Alka Seltzer, Soda Water, Bromo, are your friends.
  5. Now my uncle Paul, (RIP), who did his fair share of reveling (well he was a Jazz musician with Duke Ellington for goodness sakes!) had his own sure fire method, 1 part beer and 1 part tomato juice. Worked like a charm. 
 Uncle Paul on the left with the formidable Duke on the right.
May I thank each of you for subscribing to my musings and 
wish you a New Year filled with love, health, charity, and hope.

Happy 2016!

To each of you, a very Happy New Year! Thank you for your support. Cheers, Nata

The Grand Finale A punch for 50 Laetitia Vineyards, Appleton Estate, Harvest Spirits Farm, and E and J Brandy

The joy of any Holiday is being with those you love.
(making a donation to help others, too)
 So in this spirit, is a recipe for many, 
 to be shared and enjoyed by you and yours. 
Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it 
 and for the rest of us
 Peace, Love, and Bubbles!

Champagne Celebration Punch for 50
Into the bosom of a mammoth punch bowl put:
1 tumbler of simple syrup
1 tumbler of lime juice
Mix thoroughly and now add:
1 1/2 bottles of superior Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum
1 bottle of deluxe E and J Brandy XO    
1 tumbler of Harvest Spirits Farm Peach Brandy
3 quarts of Laetitia Brut Cuvee (cuveed within our shores)
Bergs of Ice
Sleeping accommodations for all who partake

Imbibe in a celebratory fashion.

The Penultimate Day 23 Novo Fogo Cachaca, Ty Ku Sake, & Cono Sur

Need to temporarily check out?

If you need some help, this will do the trick.

2 parts Novo Fogo Cachaca Silver

2 parts Lychee Juice

a good squeeze of lemon

Shaken over ice and strained into a highball glass with rocks

Finish off with Cono Sur Brut from Chile. 
Nodding to our neighbors in the Southern Hemisphere.

Garnish with a stalk of lemongrass

Lift it to your lips and get lost

Happy Birthday Chet .


Day 22 The MioNata - An Award winner! with Mionetto, Campari, & Strawberry Shrub

The Mionetto Prosecco Award Winner!
1 ½  oz. of Strawberry Black Pepper Shrub Syrup*
½  oz. of Campari
½  oz. of freshly squeezed Pink Grapefruit Juice
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Assemble the Strawberry Shrub Syrup, Campari, and juice in a cocktail shaker and shake well with ice.
Strain into a chilled Coupe glass (6 oz. glass).
Top up the glass with the Mionetto Prosecco D.o.c Treviso Brut.
Garnish with black pepper (2 turns of a pepper mill) and a skewered strawberry.
Lift glass to lips and drink (while thinking about how wonderful life is!)
*Strawberry Pepper Shrub Syrup
To be made several hours ahead (I know, but aren’t great things worth waiting for!)
1 cup of fresh strawberries – hulled and sliced
1 cup of pure cane sugar
2 teaspoons of coarsely ground fresh black peppercorns (I used Tellicherry
2 tablespoons of the best Balsamic Vinegar from Modena you can afford (I used a 25 year old aged)
In a bowl, add the strawberries, sugar, and pepper together. Cover and let sit several hours or overnight
Stir once or twice to bring up the sugar from the bottom. Stir and strain, discard solids. Add vinegar and it is ready to use.

Day 21 The Poinsettia - a respite to the bustle with Thienot Champagne & Combier

The final Days of the Champagne Cocktail Advent Calendar 

are here. Seemed apropos to do a real Holiday sparkler.

Simple, to keep down the stress level, yet in the spirit.

A perfect moment for the Poinsettia!

Always chill everything! The glass, the ingredients.

1/2 oz. of Combier Triple Sec
 with 3 or so ounces of Cranberry Juice,

and ultimately, the beloved Bubbles.
Tonight, Champagne Thienot.

What would life be without them!

Day 20 The Ludwig Van Chandon Brut Classic & Canton Ginger

It had been a wonderful evening and what I needed now,
to give it the perfect ending,
was a little of the Ludwig Van.

1 spat of Domaine de Canton Ginger liqueur
1/2 bleep of of Pear Nectar
Into the glass and finish off with a globby of Bubbles,
Chandon Brut Classic (indeed!)
A bit of the Ol' bubbly to wish 'em a Happy B.!

Day 19 Isadora's Downfall created with Mumm's, Remy Martin, Cointreau,& Luxardo

1 ounce of impossibly Delicious 

1/2 oz. each of Cointreau and Luxardo (Maraschino Liqueur)

1/4 of freshly squeezed lemon juice (nectar of the Gods!)

Shaking it all in a cocktail shaker with ice,

Poured into a coupe worthy of Kings!

Then filled to a frothy frenzy with  G.H. Mumm Champagne,

 throwing all caution to the breeze!