The Carri Cocktail

The Carri
A gin and lavender cocktail.

The ratio:
2 1/2 oz./parts of your preferred gin
3/4 oz./part fresh lime juice
3/4 oz./part lavender infused simple syrup

To begin, make a simple syrup infused with lavender. I am lucky to have  lavender plants in my garden. One can purchase dried lavender and use that. I used about a cup of water heated up with 1 cup of sugar, until sugar dissolved. Remove from heat and add  4 stalks (or 3-4 T. of dried lavender) Let cool and strain.
 Juice a lime, (throwing it in the micro first,for 20 or so seconds to release it's juices).
To a shaker,add alot of ice, the gin-simple syrup mix, and the fresh lime juice. Shake it like mad then strain over fresh rocks into an old fashioned (size not style) glass.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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