A Visit to Harvest Spirits Distilleries

While visiting my dear friend Susie, upstate New York, we took a little side spin over to Valatie to peek in at
The Harvest Spirits Distillery, 
tucked away behind the Golden Harvest Farm.
What could be more enticing than to sample Vodka, Applejack, and Eau de Vie, all produced in small batches from their own farm grown ingredients with great care!
Makes my heart skip a beat!
We were greeted graciously by Collin McConville,
who immediately offered us a sample of their signature vodka, Core Vodka. 
Made from their own apples (grown only steps away) embracing sustainable farming processes.
The small and beautiful distillery is a sight to behold and though I am sure Collin regaled us with distilling details, the equipment itself is a work of art.

We happily sampled some Applejack, and Pear Eau de Vie (a clear and delicate fruit brandy).

 There were bottles of various experiments, at different stages, fruit filled jars (blackberries in this case) and assorted delectable liquids inviting us to sample them.

A wonderful way to spend a summer's afternoon, sipping, supporting local industry, and providing inspiration.
Next meandering up in Columbia County, be sure to pay them a visit.

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ana traina said...

Is it too early in the morning to go to the distillery? awesome post, beautiful photo!