Wild Strawberry and Cardamom Booze

I found beautiful little wild Strawberries at the Farmer's Market.
My first thought is macerating them and turning them into something delectable.

I cleaned them, placed them in a jar, added the seeds from 5 or 6 Cardamom pods into a jar.
Covered the fruit with Everclear Grain Alcohol
and let sit, to macerate (infusing, a term used quite liberally these days, involves heating up the mixture).
The process quickly moved along, as the strawberries yielded their color and flavor within several hours!

Straining the liquid off, the fruits have lost most of their beautiful color and taste quite awful at this point, having expelled the flavor to the alcohol.
Don't be tempted, discard the fruit!
What is left is a delicately flavored lushly pink hued libation. 

I will leave the notion of what to mix it with to you!

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