Coctel Los Muertos

Coctel Los Muertos

Those who have passed on are with us still, in our minds and in our Hearts.

On the eve of Dia de los Muertos, Halloween, and the forthcoming USA midterm elections, I thought it was a moment to reflect and remember.... and create a newCocktail.

A nod to our ancestors, those who paved the way for us. A nod to the Elections (the Tea Party and all the ensuing madness!)

The basics....

2 ounces of Gorgeous Tequila. I ,by luck, am in possession of a bottle of Don Modesto Tequila Anejo.

3/4 ounce of my Pear & Cardamom Elixir

1 ounce of Red Zinger Simple Syrup 

(simple syrup brewed with Red Zinger Tea) 

1/2 ounce of lime juice

Pour all ingredients into an ice laden cocktail shaker


all the while remembering those wonderful times shared with those who have passed.

En Paz Descanse.

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ana traina said...

Awesome recipe, as usual!