Preparing for the Holidaze

The weather is changing, the leaves have fallen, and soon the Holiday Festivities will be upon us. 
A swirl of gatherings, groupings, fanciful fiestas, and intimate minglings. 
So as not to be overwhelmed, I follow that tried and true Boy Scout motto...
Of course, nothing says party more than the old Bubbly.
And why not have a little fun with Champagne Cocktails!
So the deconstruction process began. 
I wouldn't be satisfied with just brandy, no, not I.
I decided to recreate my own "Forbidden Fruits" liqueur and crown it with a new moniker "Nata's Taboo". 
This would be the brandy in my Champagne Cocktail. The preparing has begun.
Brandy base, grapefruit zest and juice, orange zest and juice, lemon juice,
a bit of agave, spices, and vanilla
All together, macerating day by day. Swirled and shaken daily, waiting to be part of a Holiday Champagne Cocktail.
More preparations are underway including
Knocked Up Grenadine!
To be continued................

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