Studying the Classics Part 1 Bemelmans Bar


I thought the time had come to start visiting some of the Classic establishments here in NYC, that had escaped me, to further my knowledge. You know one is never to old to expand their horizons.
Helping me with my studies was my charming gentleman companion, the debonair Tom Reidy.
We decided to start our explorations atop the Mount Olympus of Bars.....
Bemelmans Bar 
Tucked deep inside the Carlyle Hotel, that bastion of Upper Eastsideness,
 is the dark and luxe Bemelmans Bar.
  With its honey glow, one is almost hard pressed to see the wonderful Ludwig Bemelmans murals that grace the walls.  (That's fine by me, as  I am a firm believer in atmospheric lighting). A gorgeous slab of sleek black marble for the bar with a scattering of tables about the cozy room.  Nothing jarring here, just the Lush Life at it's best. Hushed voices, reserved waiters, (ours was Roger) and an engaging piano player, named Chris Gillespie, whose pleasure it is to play and sing your requests. (Stardust for me, Stephen Sondheim for Tom).

Round one was a Passionfruit infused Vodka,  lemon juice and Prosecco ("with lots and lots of chipped ice" Blanche DuBois) for Tom and a Gin Gin Mule for me.
Round 2 was the Passionfruit infused Vodka times two. 
 The conversation flowed, the piano tinkled in the air, the time floated by. 
Delicious Cocktails and pleasant company. What more can one ask for!
A lovely and intimate room, to pass the Cocktail Hour in.



Pat Smith said...

Love Bemelman's and the fun murals.

ana traina said...

love it!