Tips! How to speed the departing guest

 There are times when you have had enough but your guests have not.
Here is a small list of some time tested ways to drop the hint
  1. Turn to your significant other and say "Come now Darling, let's be getting home so these poor people can get some sleep." Then look sincerely embarrassed when he/she reminds you that you are at home!
  2. When your Cocktail guests have overstayed into the dinner hour, announce that you are late for your dinner appointment and offer to drop them off on your way.
  3. Even before the unwelcomed finishes his statement , with only a slightly impatient tone, agree INSTANTLY.  
  4. There is always that CD of experimental all percussion tunes! 
  5.  And if all else fails, announce that you have run out of gin and vodka, and the only alcohol left is the bottle of Parfait Amour you bought in Spain in the 1970s!


mercedes said...

I'll be using some of these this Saturday, thanks for the post!

Nata Traub Catering said...

You are most welcome my dear! It never hurts to learn a few new tips!