Black/White Russian

In honor of my familial roots on my mother's side,
(my Aunt leaving tonight back to her nest in St. Germain)
and all the Winter weather chattering,
I am partaking of a Black Russian!
                   An uncomplicated creation but one that satisfies immensely.
1.75 Vodka (preferably Russian, like Stoli, Russian Standard, or Imperia)
.75 Coffee Liqueur (you know I am going to use homemade!)
Now here is where the road splits..
I prefer my Russian black but for those who prefer it white, you will need 
.75 of (gulp) cream
The ingredients all get put into an ice filled Old Fashion glass,
(I chose the one with the names of places to visit around the world)
and gently stirred.
На здоpовье!
 Nata's photos of Russian Hats from an exhibition on
Women's Fashions at the Brooklyn Museum, May 2010.

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