The Gaugin

I must admit, I am totally inspired and absolutely smitten by the young Turks at 
Post Prohibition

Having just made their recipe for orgeat,
it was time to create the first Tiki drink of the season
The Gaugin
I pulled out the fixings
House infused pineapple Cachaca (2 oz.)
the aforementioned Orgeat (1 Tblsp.)
Rose Syrup ( 1 Tblsp.)
lime juice (from 1/2 lime)

Stirred and twirled together with ice while dreaming 
of exotic locales,
then strained onto fresh ice in a "rocks" or old fashioned
And the final touch a tblsp. (or 2) of homemade grenadine
 Easily imbibed and guaranteed to take you away.

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