Le Deluge.....A Diluvial Cocktail

Facing the threat of Hurricane Irene and the possibility of being housebound for several days,
I gathered a few friends and neighbors up
to sip a cocktail. Surveying my supplies and wanting to use up what I had on hand, I came up with 
the Deluge.

 I set about making a Blueberry and Ginger Syrup,
fresh blueberries, slices of ginger, and pure cane sugar with water, heated and strained.
Once cooled, into a pitcher piled with ice went 
Homemade lemon zest Vodka (self explanatory)
fresh lemon juice
the above mentioned Blueberry Ginger syrup
splashed with Prosecco
each glass receiving a few of the strained off blueberries and a lemon verbena leaf from the garden.
 The blueberries imparted a pinkish hue
and I am always partial to a pinkish hue!
The pitcher was imbibed and enjoyed.
Now we await our fate!

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