Floral Aperitif Pitcher The Endless Summer

With the last vestiges of summer, slipping through our fingers, I am obliged to sip as many cocktails on the porch as I can.
I invited over a couple of friends to assist me in this endeavor. 
Not a cocktail party, but a quick quaff, an hour or so, lingering together in a collective sigh of relaxation.
 I ruffled through my coffers for ingredients. Not wanting to mix anything too lethal or having to repeatedly shake cocktails, I settled on the Aperitif pitcher idea. Something that I could prepare quickly, delicious and light, to set us up for our respective dinners that await. 
Floral Aperitif Pitcher
Housemade Rose Scented Geranium Vodka
Handmade Elderflower (from Sweden, thanks Kevin)
Dry Vermouth
Angostura Bitters
Fresh Orange juice
topped with Sparkling Water
As it turned out, the floral ingredients were harvested from various gardens, a nod to not letting go of the last few days of summer!
Here's to the Endless Summer!

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