Pink Gin!

Why the mere saying of those two words, tickles me to no end.
Continuing on from my previous post the Jim and Tonic
I am moving on to the Classic of the British Empire, Pink Gin.
Now the original recipe calls for Plymouth Gin ( NOT the navy strength).
Plymouth Gin is a style of Gin called "sweet gin" as opposed to London Dry Gin.
 I have decided though to use Martin Miller's Gin, an open and airy Gin, which I adore.

The recipe is simple and without much variation. 
Gin and Angostura Bitters. 
The only dalliance comes with the amount of bitters and whether you prefer it "in or out". When preparing the Cocktail one places the bitters in a glass; when you choose in, you leave the bitters in the glass and out is when you swirl the bitters in the glass and pour it out, leaving a coating in the glass.
I am an "in" gal on this recipe.

1 part Gin
Several healthy dashes of Angostura Bitters
Take an old fashioned glass and drop in the bitters, swirl it around. At this point if you decide out, pour off the excess bitters.
 Pour in the Gin and Voila!
For the less stalwart, a splash of water or an ice cube may be added.



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