The Boulevardier - the perfect transitional Cocktail

With all the odd weather we are having on 
the East Coast of the USA these days
it is hard to tell whether to continue on
with summer libations or change over into
Autumnal Cocktails.
One day we are having 70+ degree temps,
the next moment we are hunkering down for a 
massive storm.
Decisions, decisions.
I found the perfect drink to bridge the seasons
The Boulevardier.
A little bit of warmth but still with a refreshing quality.

A recipe with a long pedigree
and open to variations.
A cousin to the Negroni and the Manhattan.
My version is rather faithful.
1 ounce of Rye (or bourbon)
1 ounce of Campari
1 ounce of sweet Red Vermouth (Carpano for me).
All measured out and shaken with ice in the shaker. 
And because I am just that way, I swirled some Orange Bitters into my glass before straining the mix in.
Garnished here with a nice, big slice of Orange Peel.
Warm and bright.
Soothing yet exciting.

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