Marie's Kiss

After an arduous day of working, prepping food for a party of 200, the carrot at the end of the stick was the  Cocktail.
And what more tantalizing inspiration than flowering tarragon.
Who could even conjure it up in a fantasy, but for me immediate flavor pairings popped to mind.
With the last pot being scrubbed and the 174th crepe being made, I began.
Drinks for the crew to wind down with.
Recipe is for 4 cocktails

8 oz. of Tarragon simple syrup
A bouquet of the most gorgeous, fragrant flowering tarragon steeped into a 1:1 simple syrup 
8 oz. of fresh Honey Clementine juice
the juice of a lime
8 ounces of London Dry Gin
a healthy dose of Angostura Bitters

Shake the above ingredients in a shaker with ice
Divide between 4 glasses and 
finish each one off with Veuve Ambal Brut (a sparkling wine)  and garnished with a sprig of the flowering tarragon

 Planet from Hell  


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