The Final Champagne Cocktail !

The joy of any Holiday is being with those you love. So in this spirit is a recipe for many, to be shared and enjoyed by you and yours. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and for the rest of us
 Peace, Love, & a great Cocktail!
Champagne Celebration Punch for 50
Into the bosom of a mammoth punch bowl put:
1 tumbler of simple syrup
1 tumbler of lime juice
Mix thoroughly and now add:
1 1/2 bottles of superior Jamaican Rum
1 bottle of deluxe American Brandy     
1 tumbler of Peach Brandy
3 quarts of Champagne (cuveed within our shores)
Bergs of Ice
Sleeping accommodations for all who partake

Imbibe in a celebratory fashion.

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