Blood & Sand Cocktail Recipe

There is nothing I like more than when a friend invites me over for a drink, and announces what they have in their coffers.
I love a puzzle!
So when I got the call and was told blood oranges and limes, I took heed.
 As I had some lovely clove syrup and orange dust left over from the
 I Hung It Up Cocktail, 
I grabbed it along with Gin, orange bitters and a small vial of Labdanum Tincture given to me by a fellow cocktail experimenter.     
The result is the Blood & Sand, a heady, aroma filled drink.

  Being the smart host he is, the glasses and shaker were already in the freezer when I arrived.
Makes 2 Cocktails
Load up a shaker with ice, add 4 ounces of Gin
the juice from 1 and a half Blood Oranges
juice from 1/2 lime
1.5 ounces of clove syrup
several healthy dashes of Orange Bitters and then shake, and shake, and shake until the metal is so cold you almost can't hold it anymore.
Removing the glasses from the freezer, their rims are coated with the Orange "Sand"
and the mixture is poured in.
The final accent is the two drops of the Labdanum Tincture placed on top. which gives it a grassy aroma and garnished with some candied grapefruit peel.
Below is the  end result of the adventure.

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mercedes said...

Just lovely dear Nata!