Moscow Mule Redux

A frosty night here in the Northeastern USA.
Piles of snow.
I feel drawn back to my Russian roots.
Icy, crisp, star filled skies, glimmering snow covered steppes.
And Vodka, lots of Vodka. 
A Moscow Mule but with kicked up flavors
More ginger, more lime.
Start by dropping an inch or two of grated Ginger into some Vodka, preferably a few hours prior to preparing the drink. I will be vague with amounts. It depends entirely on how much you plan on drinking.
 (Regular or Russian style)
Prepare a simple syrup with more grated ginger and lime zest. Juice the limes. Strain everything! Mix the juice with the simple syrup, you be the judge of sweetness. YOU know what you like.
The foot of snow outside served me well.
Now gather it all up.
For each cocktail, place about 2 ounces of gingered Vodka into a glass with ice. Pour in some of the juice/syrup mix and top it all off with some good and spicy ginger beer.
Here is an approximate ratio if you feel you must have one.
2 oz Gingered Vodka
1 oz Lime Juice
½ oz Ginger Lime Syrup
Top off with good Ginger Beer 
Now one can do it in a copper cup if you have it or choose from amongst your glasses, that which you like. It does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you enjoy it. 
  На здоровье!

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