Clear Ice Cubes

We all aspire for beauty in our lives and yes, in our Cocktails.
Fresh ingredients, quality Spirits, the right glassware.
So, too, when looking to raise the bar for our drinks, should our ice cubes be top notch.
Now there are varying methods for achieving clear ice cubes. Some are more time consuming than others. I will give you some tips for making clearer cubes. I am not a Scientist and I am not looking to turn making cubes into another chore for the list, but they absolutely can be improved with a few steps.
The water!
Water by nature is impure, filled with minerals. You do NOT want to use spring water to make your cubes. I am not going to give a lesson on the properties of water. There are many places on the Internet that you can find to explain it. You want to use as clean, mineraless water, as you can. There are proponents of distilled water, this is definitely an option. I myself, use plain old Aqua Municipale, (tap water). I filter it through a Brita Pitcher. I use this water for all my cooking and drinking.
Once filtered, you want to boil it for a few minutes. Let it cool down and yes, boil it again. It really is the key to making them clearer. It rids the water of the impurities. Let it cool on its own. Then into clean trays (I love those big square silicone ones) and into the freezer. There are methods of of freezing but at least for me, this is where I draw the line.I do not have time to "layer" the water during the freezing process or poke holes in the cubes as they begin to freeze. 
Once frozen, they are ready to go. That's it, simple.
 Now the harder choice, what shall I drink?
Here's mud in your eye!
I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.” ~ Saul Bass

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