The Bottom's Up Punch

A delightful event held at the Outside In Gallery.
A punch was created for them consisting of 
Meyer Lemon Vodka Infusion (6 weeks in the making!)
Chamomile Infusion
Cardamom Syrup and liqueur
Chamomile Iceberg
The result was a light and flavorful sip!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nata, I'm julio Mestre from Mezcal los Siete Misterios.
We got your e-mail but we couldn't reply to that address. I hope you don't mind I post the reply here.
Hi Nata,

Thanks for your interest in our product and your kind words.

We would love to read about the brand in your blog.

Right now you can find us in the following stores:

Andrews wine cellars.
Ambassador wine and spirits.
Ninth avenue vintner.
Mr. Wright inc.
Financial District wines and liquor.
Borisal liquor and wine.
Garnet liquors.

We'll try to update the map later this week.


Nata's Cocktails said...

Gracias Julio, Por supuesto con un nombre como Siete Misterios estoy encantada. Thank you for the information where to buy your Mezcal. I wish you muchissimo suerte with your product!