Beet, yes Beet Liquor Redux!

It seems as if one of the most popular posts is about 
Beet Liquor. 
Yes, that beautifully hued, sweet vegetable makes a delicious (dare I say healthy) infusion.
As an update to the original recipe I have tweaked it by adding some flavorful spices (some of my favorites)
Use a high (100) proof Vodka for this. Or one could easily use Gin (yes please!) or really whatever your heart and palette desires.

Into a very clean jar, place 3 garden fresh (free of pesticides) beets, chopped into small 2 inch pieces. Add to them 3 star anise pods and the slightly bruised seeds from 6 cardamom pods. Cover completely with your desired aqua vitae. Now, in a dark, cool corner (no, not your favorite bar spot) let it sit for several days to several weeks (it won't hurt) Give a little shake every couple of days. After day 4, give it a taste and when you are satified with the results, strain the whole shebang and rebottle it in a clean receptacle.
It will be a deep ruby color, a spiced aroma with a sweet-ish finish (from the sugar in the beets).
The way I like to drink it? 
The Cag
Into a double rocks glass,
a jigger of the Beet Liquor
the juice of half a lime
a spoonful of gingered agave syrup 
Several rocks and topped up with a splash of charged water.

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Wow, this is amazing!