Blackberry Shrub for Cocktails

Summer is full blown (suddenly). 
And while we are all impatient for tomatoes and corn (here in the USA),
the berries are ready and there are herbs galore. 
A most knowledgeable young man shared a location where the blackberries are overflowing. After a quick jaunt through the shady woods, we came into the open expanse and full sunshine, where the brambles were. Perched high up, with a view to the Hudson River, we picked with abandon, filling our containers, several times over. The few blueberries and huckleberries that were found, did not make it back to the kitchen.
I pondered over what to make with the riches. A syrup, too obvious. Muddling, too many seeds. Something that could extend the deliciousness of the moment. 
A shrub! That elixir from long ago, to preserve fruits without all that canning involves. The recipe is basic. Fruit, sugar, and vinegar. Yes vinegar,for that tart sweet thing. A rich bright syrup that can be used for cocktails and mocktails alike. 
And don't restrict yourself to only fruit. Herbs and botanicals add that intriguing depth to the equation. 
I went with blackberry, ginger, and a bit of juniper berries.
I have slightly  crushed up 3 cups of blackberries, with a small piece of ginger (maybe 2-3 slices, didn't want too much) and about 12 or so crushed Juniper berries.
Into a jar with 2 cups of cane sugar (feel free to experiment with different types) and am leaving it overnight, unrefrigerated , to get the juices flowing. 
Tomorrow I will strain the mixture add it to 2 cups of red wine vinegar (the vinegar selection is endless). At that time, I will put it in the fridge, shake it every few days if there is sugar settled at the bottom, and let it go for a week or two, to let it mellow. Toe tappers can simply mix in the vinegar and use.
I will post a recipe then for a cocktail, or you can make a yummy fizz drink with the addition of soda water.
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