The Forbidden Punch for Fallen Women

 When making a Punch for Carri Skoczek's opening
at Causey Contemporary Gallery in Brooklyn, the inspiration was easy.

See what I mean?

The title of the show, Fallen Women, evoked the long since extinct Forbidden Fruit Liqueur, a pomelo and honey scented mixture, (Defunct proprietary American brandy-based pummelo liqueur, light amber & sweetened with honey, created by Louis Bustanoby and once manufactured by Charles Jacquin et Cie.)* It seemed a good match.
 The Forbidden Punch for Fallen Women
 started with Vodka that had been infused for a week
 with pink grapefruit peels and Tahitian vanilla pods.

Added to a honey syrup, steeped with fresh picked rosemary fronds,
 the juice from pink grapefruits and Honey Liqueur.
Mixed together and poured over an iceberg, it was finally finished up with sparkling grapefruit water, whose bubbles bring the sent to the nose right before the flavor hits your lips.

In fruit she never tasted, whether true
Or fancied so, though expectation high
Of knowledge, nor was Godhead from her thought.

John Milton: Paradise Lost 

*Taken from and with thanks to CocktailDB for the description


Unknown said...

And it was divine! I love a "tart" cocktail, with a little effervesence, and it was just the thing. And I loved the iceberg presentation! Sorry I didn't get to tell you in person.

Unknown said...

HI Nata, I don't know why it's callling me unknown, but that was from Sam

Nata's Cocktails said...

Thank you Sam! I am delighted that you enjoyed it and took the time to post it. I hope we have the pleasure of indulging in a few more soon.