Hot Lips @home - A spicy Tequila Cocktail

I happened upon a recipe last year for an intriguing Cocktail, Hot Lips,
the original recipe from Death & Co.

Spicy, vanilla scented, and with fresh pineapple juice.
Delicious, right? The only problem I had with it was that it called for not just Chinaco Verde (really mostly accessible to restaurants & bars)  but Mescal as well, and not just vanilla syrup but Petit Canne syrup too. 
A few too many ingredients that I didn't have and did not want to buy for one cocktail.
Yet I wanted to make this recipe.
 So I simply adapted it to a more user (non-pro) friendly recipe.

Hot Lips @home
1.5 parts of spicy Tequila* (see below)
.5 part of fresh pineapple juice
.5 of fresh lime juice
.75 of vanilla/pineapple syrup**
Mix all the ingredients together and pour over ice.
 I say parts because I made this in a pitcher to serve at a small party.
Please note that there are several steps involved in making this and you will need to prepare the syrup and spicy Tequila, in advance.

*I started with about 12 ounces of Espolon Tequila Reposada. I added to it several (about 7 or 8) hot peppers. Now the truth is, I picked whatever little hot peppers I had still in the garden. Some Tepins, some Red Amazons. Whatever there was and probably, too many. I let them sit for about 2 hours, which was more than enough time to give the Tequila a real kick. I strained out the peppers and discarded them.
 I know I bitch about buying an extra bottle of something but yet I call for fresh juice! Well, some things I tolerate and some I don't. And believe me, fresh pineapple juice really does make a difference.
** As for the syrup, I used piloncillo block cane sugar. You can purchase this in a Latino Market. It comes as a hard, round block, brownish in color and with a similar taste to brown sugar. It is made from pure cane sugar (as opposed to beet sugar) and gives a wonderful flavor. Because I knew I would use this again, I put the entire block into a pan with about 1.5 cups of water. I added the peels from the pineapple I juiced (never throw peels away!!) and brought it all to a boil, then lowered the heat until the sugar had broken down and melted. Removed from the heat, I added a split vanilla bean and let the mixture sit overnight.

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