The Complete Champagne Cocktail Advent Calendar 2013 Recipes

As the song goes, I can't give you anything but love, baby.......
wait a minute I can offer you
  the complete list and links (from years  past) to
the Champagne Cocktail Advent Calendar and my undying gratitude for your audience.
Here's hoping your festivities are sparkling!

Day One Chorus Girl's Milk 
Day 2  French 75
Day 3 Rosemary's Pink Baby
Day 4 The Magic Gift
Day 5 The Desire
Day 6 La Vie en Rose
Day 7 The Black Velvet 
Day 8 The Lady Grey
Day 9 Buck's Bloody Fizz
Day 10 Stoli Bolli Dahling
Day 11 When in Venice..........
Day 12 The Geminid
Day 13 The Knockout Punch
Day 14 The Pardon Punch
Day 15 Mango Madness
Day 16 The Lavender Tallulah
Day 17 The Seelbach Cocktail
Day 18 The Cockney Cowboy
 Day 19 Isadora's Downfall
Day 20 The Ludwig Van 
Day 21 The MioNata An Award Winning Cocktail
Day 22  The Poinsettia The Final Days
Day 23 The Penultimate
Day 24 The Final Champagne Cocktail!

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