LOVE is love is love is love...............

 Everyday is a day to celebrate! 

Regal your loved one(s) with a special Cocktail.
It need not be complicated but make it festive.
Bubbles with _______________
You can easily fill in the blank. Spirits, like Gin, Vodka, Shochu, Tequila,Cachaca,
all meld beautifully.
Add a dash of Grenadine, Bitters, juice.....
You can rummage through my files and find 24 days of Champagne Cocktails
 or my previous post for His/Hers, His/His, or Hers/Hers Gin Cocktails.
This is a moment when thought and effort really do count.
 I wish you all LOVE in your life, in whatever form it comes.
LOVE is love is love is love.............

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