Valentine's Day His & Hers (or his & his, or hers & hers) Gin Cocktails

Valentine’s day is around the corner. We all scramble to find the symbol of love and affection for our partners. Roses and chocolate have become the go to gift for many, and certainly jewelry is right up there. With many of you at home, creating sumptuous repasts for your beloved, why not raise the bar on your imbibing as well. I certainly would never suggest to forgo that lovely bottle of Champagne, but this year I propose exercising your Mixology skills with his and hers,  (or his & his, or hers & hers) Yin and Yang Gin cocktails. One a heady floral fantasy and the other a bright, citrus sip, both delicious.

The Rose Crown (the Yin cocktail)
Gin I suggest a floral one, like Martin Miller’s (,
 open and airy and very intoxicating, fragrance wise
Ruby Grapefruit juice, fresh
Lychee Juice
Lemon juice
Jasmine Green Tea bag
Small amount of rose water placed in a small spray bottle
Before you begin mixing this up place a Martini glass into the freezer, so it is chilled by the time you want to use it.
2 parts Gin (2 shots aka 4 oz or ½ cup)
1 part Ruby Red Grapefruit juice (1 shot aka 2 oz)
1 part Lychee juice (1 shot, aka 2 oz)
.5 parts fresh lemon juice (1/2 shot, aka 1 oz)
.5 parts Jasmine Green Tea syrup (a simple syrup brewed with Jasmine Green Tea: ¼ cup sugar, ½ cup water, boil it, add the tea bag and steep 5 minutes, let cool)
Place all the ingredients in a shaker, fill with ice and shake until chilled and frosty. Remove the glass from the freezer, and spritz the interior with the rose water. If you do not have a small spray bottle, simply drop a scant capful into the glass, swirl it around and pour off the excess. What you have is a glass with an aroma, to delight the senses.
Pour the mixture into the glass and garnish with a fresh rose petal, a lychee, a dried rosebud, or grapefruit twist.
High Tea A Slight Variation on my Classic  
(the Yang cocktail)
2 ounces of Gin, I choose Greylock Gin, made here in the Berkshire Mountains
½ ounce of Earl Grey Syrup (1/4 cup sugar, ½ cup water: bring to a boil, add the ear grey tea bag and steep 5 minutes)
Orange Blossom Water (1 dash into your earl grey tea syrup)
2 or 3 lightly crushed black peppercorns
A small splash of fresh lemon and orange juice
All stirred together in a mixer with ice, strained, and served neat in a Martini glass

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