The Kimcheelicious MUL Martini - the new dirty Martini

It's time to reinvigorate some standby Cocktails.
The dirty Martini is one.
Now you know that I am lucky to count all different kinds of people as friends.
Antonio Limuaco of Kimcheelicious is one.
He is turning on its side, the art of Kimchee and food fermentation. In his own words,
".....innovative ways of combining traditional Asian fermented foods with the way we Americans cook and eat."
When I was lucky enough to meet with him last week, I was given a package of his latest experiment, Mul Kimchee Brussel Sprouts, which he explained was coveted as much  for its brine as the vegetable itself. 
Well we both knew right away what I had to do with it.............
a Mul Martini,
a modernized for today's palette.   
I decided to go very straight ahead with the recipe. 
A spray or wash of Vermouth in the glass,
 a few teaspoons of the magical Mul Kimchee,
 and 2 ounces of Martin Miller's Fantastical Gin.

All slipped into a shaker with ice,  and garnished with one of the Mul Brussel Sprouts.

A tonifying, thoroughly updated way to have a Martini.
Here's to your health!


Antonio Limuaco said...
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Antonio Limuaco said...

Nata, you have elevated s humble Brussels sprout to a new sociably-higher level!

Nata's Cocktails said...

Thank you Antonio, it is you who has elevated it and turned it into a classic Cocktail!