The Kentucky Derby and a Vanilla Bean Mint Julep

Today's the day!
The Running of the Roses, the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.
And we know NOTHING is more iconic than 
the Mint Julep. The internet is replete with more recipes than one could ever need. 
The ingredients are straightforward.
Bourbon, Mint, Sugar, and crushed ice.

This year I am changing it up slightly and preparing a 
Vanilla Bean Mint Julep for my crowd.
It's a small variation, giving just another level of flavor.
 The preparation is virtually the same as the modern day recipes,
 the difference is adding a fresh vanilla bean to the simple syrup, letting it stew, then removing it, and using the basic recipe.
Here is one recipe 
6–7 fresh mint leaves
1 Tbsp. simple syrup
 (when preparing the 1:1 syrup add a split vanilla bean in the mix.
 Let steep for several hours and remove pod.
 Toss the pod into a sugar bowl for vanilla sugar to use at another date)
2 oz. bourbon
Crushed ice

Combine mint leaves, syrup and bourbon in a glass.
 Using a bar spoon, lightly crush the mint. 
Fill the glass with ice. 
Give it some twirls.

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