Tuthilltown Distillery Visit - A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I consider myself lucky to live where I do.
I am in very close proximity to both NYC and the glorious Hudson Vally.
 Both steeped deep in the beginnings of America, as we know it today.
The Hudson River being the raison d'etre for the growth and importance of New York City.
 The bounties from the farms upstate were easily brought down
to NYC and ultimately the World.
Today there are many farms, growers, and  distilleries continuing
the traditions of this part of the world.
As you have read on my blog, I am a participant in the Slow Food Ark of Taste Cocktail Competition. The decision to make my focus the Hudson Valley was an easy one.
Manufacturers of some of today's finest spirits are within an easy car ride of NYC.
Tuthilltown Distillery,
 who produce the Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey I used in my recipe, is one of them and the maker of many fine spirits offered here.

As I arrived,  I beelined right to the tasting room, greeted with rows of shelves containing the fruits of their labors, as well as the delightful and knowledgable people who are fortunate to work there.    
 Oh yes, they are fortunate and know it. They love what they do. It reflects in the products they sell. They have both aged and unaged spirits in their product line and I duly sampled several types.
 Their Vodka is made with apples sourced from within 5 miles of the distillery. Heaven!
Great thanks to Barbara, who offered up their latest baby, Half Moon Orchard Gin as well as my beloved, Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey.
You wind your way there past acres of rolling hills,in the shadow of the  Catskill Mountains, through plentiful apple orchards to a
lovely streamside compound, complete with a Gristmill, restaurant, stills, and tasting room.
What better way to spend a day than visiting. 
A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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