F. Scott Fitzgerald and Cocktail, the Verb

F.  Scott is one who is known for his literature and complete indulgence in all things pertaining to a "Lush Life".
Here is his creative musing on how to conjugate the word, as used as a verb, Cocktail.

F. Scott Fitzgerald[F. Scott] Fitzgerald wrote, “As ‘cocktail,’ so I gather, has become a verb, it ought to be conjugated at least once. So here goes.

Present: I cocktail, thou cocktail, we cocktail, you cocktail, they cocktail.

Imperfect: I was cocktailing.

Perfect or past definite: I cocktailed.

Past perfect: I have cocktailed.

Conditional: I might have cocktailed.

Pluperfect: I had cocktailed.

Subjunctive: I would have cocktailed.

Voluntary subjunctive: I should have cocktailed.

Preterit: I did cocktail. *

He sure did cocktail.


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