I know I am bad.....but I discovered a new distillery, the Denning's Point!

I have to admit I have been neglectful about posting. 
Do you forgive me?
It is not for lack of desire.
It has been a few months of riding the roller coaster of life. 
a high point is coming with my impending trip to the
where yours truly, will be making 
Rye & Applejack based 
for a worldly group.
I will be happily chatting, discussing, and mixing cocktails on Saturday night at the Conference.
Do stop in if you find yourself there! 
In the meantime I have had the wonderful experience of meeting with a brand new distiller, right in my own backyard. 
While wandering the streets of Beacon, NY I stumbled across a most knowledgable and kind gentleman, named Karl Johnson.

Karl is in the midst of starting the
Denning's Point Distillery.
 He gave us a tour, tasting, and complete history of his barrels and beginnings in this distillery.

Should you find yourself in this corner of the world, drop in for a taste and let Karl know I sent you. 
You will be thanking me!

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