Nicole's Dragon - A Dragonfruit & Vodka Cocktail

Because I know that most of the time who really gives a damn about the story behind the drink, I am posting the recipe first.
 If you want to read my blah blah blah, it's  below and you can scroll down.
Nicole's Dragon

What you need for a couple of drinks
1 Red Dragon Fruit
1 cup of Fresh Raspberries
a scant teaspoon of cane sugar
6 ounces of lime infused Vodka ( homemade please)
1 small can of San Pellegrino Blood Orange Soda or similar beverage
Now before we begin, is there anyone out there who still does not flavor their Vodka themselves? No excuses, it's too easy. A few peels sans pith or zesting your preferred citrus into some Vodka, waiting a few hours (or overnight) and there you have it.
Back to the recipe.
I mushed up the raspberries and dragon fruit in a bowl and added a light sprinkling of sugar to bring out the juices. I let it sit for about an hour or so.

 I removed my shaker from the freezer where I always keep it.; filled it with ice, added my puree, Vodka, and a good squeeze of lime.

Shook it all up and shared it between 2 red wine goblets filled with fresh rocks. (the little strainer on the shaker held back the old ice) Now if you do not want little bits and seeds in your drink, strain it through a tea strainer into the glass.
 I topped off each with the Blood Orange soda.
If you cannot find it, do not fret. Substitute, just nothing too overly sweet.
Garnish with Dragon Fruit slices and a lime wheel.

I am here in the tropics, visiting my one  and only sister.
  When we are together, we delight in our own private Happy Hour.
 Every night a different drink.
 We seek out local markets and gather fruits for our nightly delight. 
We ran across a fruit I don't often see up north, red dragon fruit. 
We snapped up a few, knowing we had found our flavor profile for the next round.
I do know from past experience that it is not a wildly flavorful fruit, but such a great color. Raspberries that we had on hand at home, seemed like a perfect match.

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