My predictions and Ruminations on the Eve of the New Year 2015

As the New Year is rapidly approaching, (only a matter of a few hours) 
let me take this opportunity to thank each of you for your interest and lively support.
It has been a great year for Nata's Cocktails.
 Plenty of work, lots of new and interesting booze, and the amazing trip to Torino for the Slow Food Speakeasy.
I hope in my humble way, for those who are not professionals, that the recipes here
 inspire you to mix a few at home.

What trends do I see in 2015?
Well, I am biased but I do firmly believe that Cocktails in general, 
will keep getting slow (as in Slow Food).
The ingredients will continue on getting more and more locally sourced.
 The plethora of new distilleries everywhere will attest to that.
The fruits, sugars and spirits will speak to not only local, but fairly and sustainably produced (like sweet potato Vodka from North Carolina)
 All kinds of Organic Spirits.

All kinds of herbal based spirits will keep increasing in popularity, (i.e. Genepi),
 as well as 
the "discovery" , continuing exploration
 and development of spirits from
 around the World. Indigenous liquors.
 (i.e. Sake, Sochu, Mezcal, Sotol, etc)

 Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey.

Cocktails with lower ABV (alcohol content).

MORE WOMEN in the Industry!

 As for me you can look forward to my 
Cocktails inspired by Music Series coming in the next Month.
And who knows what else!

  Now I wish each and everyone of you  a 
Happy & Healthy New Year.
As we used to say in Spain,
Amor, Pesetas, y el tiempo para gustarlo!

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