And Another Thing - The 1st Cocktail of the New Year - Genepy and Gin

My first cocktail to ring in the new year.
"And Another Thing" involves the spirit that everyone is talking about, Genepì or Genepy, from the Savoy region (French/Italian Alps) 
an herbal liqueur with similarities  to Chartreuse.
 A heady and herbal taste.

I mixed
 2 oz. of Warwick Gin ( a Christmas gift) from the Hudson Valley
.75 of Genepì from Valle Soana procured in Torino, Italy (NA in USA)
.75 of Meyer lemon juice
A splash of Luxardo Maraschino liqueur
A couple of barspoons of Vanilla infused simple syrup 
All into the shaker filled with ice.
 A good shaking until the frost appears on the outside and poured in a Martini vessel. 
The orb was strictly for fun!

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