Day 9 Champagne Cocktail Advent Calendar Bloody Buck's Bloody Fizz w/Domaine Carneros

 Day 9 Bloody Buck's Bloody Fizz (an homage to Chip)
Only a slight variation on the classic Buck's Fizz
Bloody Buck's Bloody Fizz uses Blood Orange juice and Domaine Carneros.

Into your preferred vessel put .5 oz of Grenadine (strictly the homemade variety)
to this add 1ounce fresh Blood Orange juice
and top with Domaine Carneros Estate Brut Cuvee.
If you cannot or will not use blood oranges, with plain OJ,
it becomes Buck's Fizz
and if you cannot or will not use Grenadine, it is a Mimosa.
And if you cannot or will not use orange juice or grenadine, why are you reading this!!!
However you fix it,

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