The Earl Grey- Day 8 of the Champagne Cocktail Advent Calendar Grosvenor Blanc de Blanc

Keeping it a British invasion tonight.
This cocktail has a base of Earl Grey Tea.
One begins with the Tea syrup.
bring one cup water to one cup sugar to a boil,
reduce heat and cook until the sugar dissolves completely. Remove from heat and
add one teaspoon of Earl Grey tea or one teabag,
 (Twinnings for me please).
 Let steep for a few minutes. 
Strain and cool to room temp.
Now you are ready to go!

Place 3 Tablespoons of the Earl Grey syrup into a glass, along with one ounce of a London Dry Gin, 
(I used the classic Beefeater's) 
and fill up with a well chilled Grosvenor Blanc de Blanc Bubbly.
 Finish off with a lemon twist.
Cheers old chum!

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