The Grand Finale A punch for 50 Laetitia Vineyards, Appleton Estate, Harvest Spirits Farm, and E and J Brandy

The joy of any Holiday is being with those you love.
(making a donation to help others, too)
 So in this spirit, is a recipe for many, 
 to be shared and enjoyed by you and yours. 
Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it 
 and for the rest of us
 Peace, Love, and Bubbles!

Champagne Celebration Punch for 50
Into the bosom of a mammoth punch bowl put:
1 tumbler of simple syrup
1 tumbler of lime juice
Mix thoroughly and now add:
1 1/2 bottles of superior Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum
1 bottle of deluxe E and J Brandy XO    
1 tumbler of Harvest Spirits Farm Peach Brandy
3 quarts of Laetitia Brut Cuvee (cuveed within our shores)
Bergs of Ice
Sleeping accommodations for all who partake

Imbibe in a celebratory fashion.

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