Beating Winter Doldrums aka January LIMONCELLO

The lights, the thrill of the Holidays, the sparkle, the festivities...
They are all behind us now. Time to set your sights on the year ahead. Why not do a little investing in your future while passing through the short winter days. 
Limoncello, that sunshine in a bottle. The ray of light in the darkness. Now is the perfect time to be making it. No need to limit yourself to lemons either. There's a plethora of citrus around. Tangerines, Meyer lemons, satsumas, bergamot, Buddha's Hand, yuzu. Why not capture their fragrant essences in a bottle to be uncorked and consumed in the warmth of the summer sun.
I am in the process of making Meyer Limoncello. The peels of about 10 lemons PITH REMOVED as much as possible and soaking in a bath of high proof alcohol ( 750 ml of Everclear). I have it stired in a dark and cool spot but given a shake and turn a couple of times a week. I will keep you updated on the progress and the ne t step involved, but that won't be for weeks. Till then, get busy on your own! 

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