Relief is just a swallow away!

It's that time of year when all the festin' has caught up with you. The short days, the colder temps, the copious amount of enjoyable libations that have passed through your liver are dragging you down. Here in NYC we have ( and in some cases) still are shoveling our way out of record breaking piles of snow. I do know that some are able to get away from this chill, and others even never experience it in their regions. None the less I don't think it can hurt to mix up a batch of organ soothing New You Punch. Now I am not claiming to expunge the results of all your bad habits but it certainly can't hurt to take a day off from the revelries to recharge your innards. Many of you are familiar with the bastion of Indian markets in NYC called Kalustyan's, located on Lexington Ave. in Little India. 
 They have a delicious house blend tea made with chamomile, roses, sage, and lemon verbena. I have used this as a base for an elixir that I make by the pitcher to sip throughout the day. To it I add several slices of fresh ginger as well as a teaspoon of tumeric ( if you can find the fresh root use it, otherwise powdered is fine). I steep all the ingredients together, let cool, strain, and pour into a pitcher. My go to sip for the bracing winter days or a cooling refresher for basking under the sun. 
In any climate zone, your liver and innards need a break. Give them one.
And now back to your regularly scheduled indulging. 

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