The Post Mortem

I am sure you have been besieged with a thousand and one Cocktail and Champagne Recipes to ring in the New Year.
I will leave it to everyone else to figure out your chosen poison for the evening.
What I will offer up is the pick me ups for facing the first day of 2016.
  1. DO NOTHING! Accept your fate and lie in bed all day. Let your poor organs come back to reality at their own pace. Time is an amazing cure all.
  2. Parched though you might be and your mouth tastes like you have been licking Romanian stamps all night, no icy cold drinks. Sip slowly a room temp or warm glass of water or green tea. 
  3. Upon rising, a little mild exercising, or if that is seems impossible, stand by an open window and breathe deeply several times. An oxygen tent is a sure cure for the Hangover but so few homes are equipped these days!
  4. When you feel you need to take something... Alka Seltzer, Soda Water, Bromo, are your friends.
  5. Now my uncle Paul, (RIP), who did his fair share of reveling (well he was a Jazz musician with Duke Ellington for goodness sakes!) had his own sure fire method, 1 part beer and 1 part tomato juice. Worked like a charm. 
 Uncle Paul on the left with the formidable Duke on the right.
May I thank each of you for subscribing to my musings and 
wish you a New Year filled with love, health, charity, and hope.

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