SoFla Sojourn Winter Respite

I must admit, I have been neglectful of posting here at Nata's Cocktails. Words never have come easy for me while pictures and photographs are facil. Do come and join me on @FaceBook, @Instagram, @Twitter, or @Pinterest. I am there much, much more.  In the meantime to catch you up, Here are a couple of things I have been drinking. Oh did I mention. Have escaped the bitter cold of New York for southern climes for a few weeks? I am lucky that way..... Have shaker, will travel!
Some nights are spent at home, mixing for myself and friends. Here I was the fortunate recipient of several passionfruits right off the tree. So when in Rome or wherever......a Passionfruit Margarita.
In Miami, there is a fabulous crossroads of Art, Architecture, Music, Food, and Drink called The Perez Museum (#PAMM). One can stroll through the galleries looking at innovative art and follow up with a delicious meal.  Here is a sample of one of their cocktails made with Cachaça, grapefruit, and rosemary. 

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